Innovation through projects


As knowledge centre, Smart Homes is continuously involved in innovation projects. This results in actively working on even better solutions, which are made possible because of development in ICT, nanotechnology, sensortechnology, big data analytics and robotica. 

We are convinced that we should be part of innovation projects ourselves, so we know what we are talking about and to be able to form these innovations as well. Furthermore, our partners in our networks point out to new developments continuously and we invite them to take part in the process.

Innovation projects are conducted on regional, national and international level. Our partners are actively approached to work together in projects. Smart Homes works in these three-to-four year projects together with commercial teams, universities, service providers and consumer organisations. In this very various consortia, Smart Homes acts as intermediair between technical parties and consumers. In the course of years, Smart Homes has worked together with hundred of organisations both nationally and internationally.  

Please find our current and finished projects below.