Do Cardiac Health Advanced New Generation Ecosystem

DoCHANGE's primary goal is to develop a new life management ecosystem for heart patients and people with high blood pressure. This groundbreaking system provides people access to personalised services which directly react to signals and measurements. Besides, it is adjustable for social and healthcare issues. The newest techniques regarding influencing behaviour are integrated in portable instruments that measure food- and fluidintake, in display scanners and clinical parameters. The project focusses on giving people (through innovative instruments and services) the control over their own data, by visualising measurements on, for example, a tablet or smartphone. Subsequently, it is up to the patients to share these results with physicians or other healthcare providers. 

Behavioural change
One of the biggest advantages of DoCHNAGE would be the dynamic behavioural change through collected nutritional values and other data from sensors and fysiological and symptomatical patientdata from professionals in healthcare. Self-management will be easier. 


From a behavioural science perspective, DoCHANGE uses a new approach in treatment instead of the old one: based on telling, educating and transfering information. Such an approach often fails in applying the changes needed, through the power of daily routines and dissociation of cognitive and behavioural mechanisms in the brains. The DoCHANGE approach tackles with the Do Something Different approach habits through implemention of mHealth tools. 



  • Program: Horizon 2020
  • Duration: February 2015 – Januari 2018 (extended)
  • Smart Homes contactperson: Ad van Berlo
  • Projectwebsite: