Smart Homes

Who are we?

Smart Homes is the expertcentre for Home Automation & Smart Living in the Netherlands. Since 1993, Smart homes has been developing smart, understanderable and accessible technological solutions and services in personal living environment. 

What do we do?

Smart Homes wants to be, as knowledge centre, the (inter)national contact point for home automation and smart living.
Smart Homes tries to achieve this the following way:

  • To stimulate smart, understandable and accesible solutions and services for the personal living environment
  • To develop and collect knowledge about home automation and smart living
  • To disseminate this knowledge and information
  • To stimulate and facilitate market parties
  • To create a platform for experimenting and research

How do we do this?

As knowledge centre for Home Automation & Smart Living, Smart homes offers a wide range of services matching our goals. In every phase of the development process, we combine the expertise of the different involved stakeholders, because we are convinced that creativity is not only created by experts. Users could inspire experts by explaining solutions they have created themselves. Furthermore, every user is an expert of his or her own life. 

Smart Homes believes in open platforms, enabling external parties to develop services for the platform, aiming to enlarge the range of services for the customer. These services should not be bonded to a particular platform, so users could 'travel along' with a person. A service could be displayed at home on TV and on the train on a mobile phone. Thus, supporting services could be used both inside and outside someone's home. 

Why do we do that?

To experience home automation and to disseminate knowledge is very important to Smart Homes. Hereby, Smart Homes functiones as intermediair between supply and demand on the home automation market and brings stakeholders together. This is accomplished by the Smart Homes Partnercommunity and a big number of participants in the Smartest Home of the Netherlands, but also by concrete project management, innovation management and participating in education.