Who are we?

Smart Homes is the expertcentre for Home Automation & Smart Living in the Netherlands. Since 1993, Smart homes has been developing smart, understanderable and accessible technological solutions and services in personal living environment. 

Since devices in one's home are increasingly more conntected to each oher and attention for smart living increases, the demand of what is available and possible also grows. For those who are searching for a smart home or even want to apply home automation in a living environment or care centre, has to carefully search to for the correct interpretation. A lot of supply is on the market, but where to find it? Where to buy it? Who could instal it? What are the cost prices? Furthermore, the traditional building proces requires a great number of stakeholders with different views, demands and wishes.

Smart Homes has a lot of knowledge about smart living (what's in a name?) and tries, in many ways, to help people and organisisations and to further develop the market. Hereby, she functions as a contact point for professional providers, authorities, and invidiual customers.