Why do we do that?

From the first moment on, Smart Homes' employees had the 'drive' and the believe that living, relaxing and working in a smart living environment offers many extras: more pleasure, saving energy and support with daily business. Because of the quickly growing technological possibilities, a smart home can detect and notice and thus, offer help independently, call for help or even do suggestions itself, which will make living even more enjoyable. With a lot of enthusiasm, these possibilities have been shown in experiental experiences in realistic demo houses, for example, the Modelhouse for All Ages (1993-200) and the Smartes Home of the Netherlands (2001 - current).

Of course, Smart Homes could not do this all by herself, and works with a lot of partners in the Partnercommunity and participants in the Smartest Home of the Netherlands. Next to that, Smart Homes' employees have a lot of experience in the realisation of smart houses. Because of this, Smart Homes really knows what is both practically and theoretically required to realise a smart house or home automation in a big new construction project.