SEAS 2 Grow

SEAS 2 Grow is an Interreg 2 Seas Project which will set-up a proactive Silver Economy ecosystem accelerating the delivery of technological and social innovations for the 2 Seas market, by providing new tools, methods and services for all stakeholders involved in the Silver Economy (companies, local authorities, seniors, health institutions).

SEAS 2 Grow will also create synergies with local authorities to implement common strategies in the Silver Economy sector and develop new financial models. By reaching this objective, senior citizens and their families will benefit from innovations more suitable for them that will improve their life conditions.

Outcomes of SEAS2Grow will be:

  • A COMMON MARKET REFERENTIAL on the Silver Economy including a Strategic Guide, novel finance models & a Strategic Action Plan.
  • A CROSS-BORDER ACCELERATOR, performing four step testing of SE solutions, each step performed in some 2 Seas regions following partners’ expertise & available facilities: exploration sessions, experts and demo-houses lab in realistic user environment, living lab at seniors’ homes & business lab (market access).

The Netherlands participate in the following projects:

Wave 1

  • Entusia. Entusia  BVBA  sells  especially  designed  underwear  for  women  who  suffer  from  urine  incontinence.  Entusia  also plans  to  develop  a  product  line  for  men  in  the  near  future. 1  out  of  7  people  (women,  men and  children)  suffer  from urine  incontinence,but  it’s  a  taboo  to  talk  about  it.  The  Entusia  underwear  breaks this  taboo, because  patients  can  get  rid  of  the  pantyliners,  sanitary napkins  and  diapers.   
  • Familities. Familities  is  a  mobile  and  web  application  which  optimizes  family  support  around  their  elderly. As  everyone  is  on  different  schedules,  Familities  helps you to coordinate visits and calls to make sure your elder is in touch with one of his relatives once a day, let the whole family know how your elder is doing after a visit or call, and include eldercare professionals in the loop.
  • Freya. Our  ambition  is  to  motivate  and  encourage  elderly  persons to  change  their  sedentary  lifestyle  and  become  more physically  active  in  daily  life. This  novel  walker is  a  walking  support,  mobility  aid  and  rehabilitation  enabler  allin-one. The  standing  walker for adults  promotes  dignity,  prevents from  falling  when  standingup  and  gives  independence  to  the  user.  Today  seniors  at  home with  mobility  issues  need  either  a  lot  of  other  supporting  tools  in  different  rooms  or  a  caregiver  giving  them  a  hand  getting up.  Without  this  support,  seniors  show  too  often  sedentary  behaviour  or  they  are  forced  to  push  themselves  to  their  limits  and  taking  risks  getting  up  and  moving  around  with  the risk  of  falling.
  • MoveUp. moveUP  is  a  startup,  founded  in  November,  2015.  The  mission  of  moveUP  cvba  is  to  drastically  improve  the  outcome  and  cost  efficiency  for  all  patients  and  stakeholders  involved  in  surgery  rehabilitation.  Initially,  the  focus  will  be  on  patient  having  incurred  a  total  knee  replacement  (TKA).    moveUP  offers  a  fully  automated  personalised  tele rehabilitation  solution  for  patients  and  their  stakeholders.  Based  on  data  collected presurgery  (baseline  measurements,  personal  and  medical  profile  of  the  patient)  and  perioperative  (type  of  implant,  complications,  anaesthesia,  ...),  the  solution  shall  set  out  the  ideal  rehabilitation  path  for  each  patient  individually.  
  • Sensara. Sensara  was founded in 2001    2011  by  the  Dutch  National  Technology  Institute  (TNO),  as  a  solution  for  elderly  who  want  to  stay  independent  and  feel  safe  in  their  own  house.  With  Sensara  HomeCare,  the elderly  don’t  have  to  wear  a  device  on  their  body  and  still  feel  safe,  because  they  know  a  signal  will be  send  to  their  informal  or  professional  care takers.  Sensara  HomeCare  also  allows  stressrelease  for  informal  care takers,  because  they  have  a  better  insight  due to  using  an app  on  their  smartphone  that  tells  them  how  family  or  other  relatives  are  doing.  If  there  is  a  serious  change  in  the  daily routine,  a  signal  will  be send automatically  to  their  smartphone.

Wave 2

  • Kemuri. Kemuri combines IoT hardware with an AI alerting system. The hardware is multisensor power sockets that collect data on motion, power used, temperature, humidity, power supply and battery voltage. Data is processed by AI algorithms that learn patterns of activity and automatically alert significant changes. Trials have already demonstrated the app when people have been admitted to hospital, taken holidays and at risk of heat stroke. Messages go to responsible persons, such as family members, carers or 24/7 Alarm Response centres.
  • Klup. Klup is a social app for senior (50+) people with the main goal to reduce loneliness and social isolation. Based on shared interests and location users of the app get linked to each other. The app allows you to meet new people in your neighbourhood and to organise or attend activities in your neighbourhood, with an aim to reduce loneliness and social isolation.
  • P2Solutions. P2solutions is a Belgian company specialised in research, development and production of monitoring systems which enhance the quality of life of the users. Currently p2solutions is working on two product lines; intelligent diapers and intelligent mattresses. The latter is called HEBE, which provides the possibility to precisely monitor pressure distribution on the mattress. This makes it possible to monitor several features including but not limited to; position, movement, respiration, heartbeat and presence.
  • Walk With Path. Walk With Path (WWP) is a healthcare company focused on injury prevention, improved mobility and usercentred design and intervention. The products are therapeutic intervention devices that prevent falls and improve mobility. There are two main products now: (a) Path Finder, a shoe attachment that project visual cues, to better improve balance and walking stride in Parkinson’s Disease, and (b) Path Feel, a vibrating insole, that increases haptic feedback to the sole of the foot. The first product had recently hit market, while the latter product is still under early development.

Wave 3

  • Lifebloom. Lifebloom  develops  a  medical  device  physically  assisting  disabled  people  to  improve  their  quality  of  life.  They  can  then  stand  up  and  walk  on  their  own.  Because  they  wear  part  of  the  device,  they cannot  fall.  It  is  intuitive,  ergonomic  and  financially  accessible.  With  Lifebloom,  users  once  again  take  control  of  their  lives  by  walking  and  by regaining  their  autonomy.
  • SenseRadar. With  a  home  monitoring  system  for  the  elderly,  including  alarms for  problems,  care  can  be  implemented  faster,  more  efficiently  and  preventively.
    The device  is  contactless,  very  accurate,  no  loss  of  comfort  as  with  wearables,  can  scan  through  materials  making  it  invisible  and  easy  to  fit  into  existing  systems  /  products,  has  multiple  functions  and  can  be  expanded  (futureproof),  easy to  read  via  any device.
  • TUOI. TUOI  aspires  to  design  products  and  services  that  make  life  easier  for  the  silver  age  and  are  equally  appealing to  all generations.  At  TUOI,  we  believe  beautiful,  elegant  products  can  help  you  enjoy  the  present  without  compromising  on  comfort,  safety  or  functionality.
  • Kintell. Kintell is a Cambridge based startup developing technology for the purpose of assisting the elderly in leading independent, confident lives in their own homes, without care, for longer. The  innovation  is  a  set  of  three  devices  which  are  plugged  in  to  power  outlets  in  different  rooms  throughout  an  elderly  individuals  home  and  act  as  nightlight  during  low  light  hours.  These  devices  also  act  as  a  gateway  to  our  platform  and  are  able  to  use  pathfinding  capabilities  to  illuminate  trip  hazards  in  low  light  which  reduces  the  risk  of  falls  and  increases  the  elderly  individuals  confidence  to  live  independently. 

Wave 4

  • Cushhealth. CUSH Health is, a clinician-lead team, developing an AI-assisted remote monitoring and telehealth platform to predict and prevent falls in the elderly and is located in the UK. 
  • Mechion. Mechion is a start-up working on creating autonomous patient observation systems which use Artificial Intelligence in order to provide analytics, insights, quantitative and qualitative data of high value to family members, carers as well as Doctors and Hospitals. Mechion is based in Coventry, UK, home of the British automotive industry and recently finished the StartUpBootcamp accelerator in London.
  • Nascenta. VIA is an app that allows one to plan voluntary transport via a Community Car Scheme. VIA provides an up-to-date overview of the performed and planned journeys. The app has been developed by Nascenta (UK) and has been test in collaboratoin with the local government of  Cambridgeshire, UK.
  • Nquiring Minds. CareTeam is a community driven, technology platform for increasing the quality and cost efficiency of domiciliary care. Making use of social capital to tackle one of the most pertinent issues in our society today CareTeam is innovating to maintain and improve care standards against the reality of shrinking council budgets. CareTeam is a product of Nqruiring Minds, located in the UK. 
  • Rbionics. Reboocon Bionics aims to make world-class wearable robots easily accessible to people with mobility issues and is located in Delft, the Netherlands. 
  • Unaide. Unaide is a platform that connect healthcare providers to each other and has technology available in homes or healthcare institutions. Unaide offers an overview of happenings and can send messages to informal cargeviers and/or professionals. Unaide is a product form the French company Unaide. 
  • YourMeds. YOURmeds pack organises your medication with easy to read colour labels and clearly numbered doses.YOURmeds tag is a mobile device that clips to the pack and alerts you visually and audibly to take your meds. The company is located in the UK. 

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Program: Interreg IV A
Duration: September 2016 - August 2020
Smart Homes contactperson: Marjolein Winters


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