COMMIT brings together scientific research and (non-) profit organisations with ICT-projects within the nine most important economical sectors of the Netherlands, to research and develop groundbreaking products or services. 


Internet of Things and Big Data has become reality. Collected data has been increasingly deployed to steer processes and environments. The data of all these sensors have to be reliable, to ensure that the decisions we make, based on this data, are justified. 

Because of the increasing number of sensors, more and more errors occur in the data. In COMMIT, we research how we could recognize unreliable data en how to handle, to prevent making wrong conclusions because of the collected data. This is realised by applying Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics techniques in a testcase, which all happened in the Smartest Home of the Netherlands.

In COMMIT, over 110 parties, including universities, technological institutes and over 80 big and small countries work together on 15 public-private project that play an important role internationally. Herein, COMMIT contributes in strenghtening the top sectors and the head up of the Netherlands als Knowledge country.




  • Program: /COMMIT

  • Duration: July 2015 – July 2017

  • Projectwebsite:


Smart Homes works together in this project with:
Lance ICT group
VU Amsterdam