NETCARITY stands for "a NETworked multisensor system for elderly people: healthCARe, safety and securITY in the home environment" and entails a research project in which technologies and services improve the welfare, independence, safety and healthcare of the elderly in their own home environment and are then researched, tested and finally installed in homes. 

The road to the implementation of research results is one with a lot of hurdles in practice. Within the NETCARITY project, there's a strong believe that it is possible to go from a working system in a laboratoriumsituation to a system with added value in daily life. On the one hand, via an intensive trajact in which all stakeholders are thinking about the system during the entire development. On the other hand, by approaching the system and the corresponding services from different perspectives.  



  • Program: IST-2005-2.6.2 Ambient Assisted Living in the Ageing Society

  • Number: FP6-045508

  • Duration: Februari 2007 – Octobre 2011

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