SEAS2Grow Magazine Online

Tuesday 19 January 2021

We're happy to announce that the SEAS2Grow magazine has been published both in English and Dutch! In this magazine, you can find a synopsis of the Silver Economy, and we highlight some of the most promising start ups in this area.

The aim of SEAS2Grow is to accelerate innovations aimed at senior citizens and their carers. During this four-year project, 36 entrepreneurs with a care innovation were guided through living labs in four countries. The English, Belgian, French, and Dutch living labs ensured, among other things, that co-creation sessions and tests took place with senior citizens, informal carers and/or professionals.

In addition, entrepreneurs gained insight into the market situation in other countries. They discovered how care and financing is arranged in these countries, who the competitors are, etc.

In this magazine all innovations are reviewed with the aim to inspire people and further accelerate innovations for seniors


Special thanks to the Care Innovation Center!