Apply now for the AgeTech Accelerator!

Monday 21 January 2019

Are you developing a product or service that could help older people to be happier, healthier or more connected? Would you like some free support to give it its best chance of success? Welcome! You are in the right place. 

Whether you are just at an early stage or more advanced, AgeTech Accelerator is interested in hearing from you. Using EU funding, we can offer you lots of free silver economy business support.

8 reasons for using AgeTech Accelerator

We are the only innovation accelerator in Europe specialising in the silver economy that:

  1. Offers free advice on routes to market
  2. Can help you access markets in four countries
  3. Provides free testing in the lab and field
  4. Runs specialist labs of real users recruited from thousands of older consumers
  5. Taps into the detailed knowledge of our in-country experts specialising in the needs of older people
  6. Does not charge any fees or require any equity
  7. Gives you the opportunity to sit down with potential buyers, commissioners, resellers and distributors to develop a strong value proposition and model
  8. Introduces you to an invaluable silver economy business network

Interested and do you want to know if you can qualify for free? Click here


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In this project (SEAS2Grow), we work with the following organisations:

The Netherlands




Please contact Marjolein Winters for more information or take a further look at our own projectpagina in SEAS2Grow.