Could AI help us to detect preliminary dementia? Mechion aims for the solution!

Thursday 5 March 2020

Within the European project SEAS2Grow, we help entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, France, the UK and Belgium to improve and implement their health innovation for elderly care. Together with geriatric care providers from tanteLouise, we aimed to analyse the possibilities for the English company Mechion.

The IRIS device, developed by the Mechion company, is able to detect and track early symptoms of dementia. It is a passive monitoring device that detects aggression, agitation, confusion, anger, happiness and sadness through facial recognition. It then provides reports on your phone, laptop, tablet, PC or smart TV. These reports include a timeline about behaviour, general statistics or a filter for certain properties.

However, are other aspects needed to detect early phase of dementia? What kind of special matters should the entrepreneur to take into account? These kinds of questions were discussed in a two-hour co-creation session.