It's the week of E-Health!

Thursday 24 January 2019

Smart Homes is involved in the development of E-Health on daily basis, and therefore actively participating in the week of the E-Health.


In SEAS2Grow, we offer services for entrepreneurs that aim to improve their innovative product. This of course in strong collaboration with the end-user, the senior! 
On 23 January, we organised, together with CIC in the Huis van Morgen, an interactive co-creation session with elderly to hear their opinion and view about a new English product, namely Kintell. Kintell is a smart health device developed to help active seniors develop and maintain good health. Thanks to the enthusiastic seniors, many interesting results were found for the entrepreneur!

Are you also interested to give your opinion about certain innovative ideas that could help seniors age smarter/happier?

Please contact Marjolein Winters for more information.