English, enthusiastic entrepreneurs have tested their innovation with Smart Homes and tanteLouise!

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Within the Europen project SEAS2Grow, we aim to help entrepreneurs from England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to improve their health innovation for the Silver Economy. This time, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs from the English company CUSHhealth visited tanteLouise in collaboration with Smart Homes to get feedback on their innovation for preventing falls with elderly. 


CUSHhealth is a clinician-led team developing an AI-supported remote monitoring and telecare platform to predict and prevent falls in elderly. A number of physiotherapists and exercise therapists opened a lively discussion together about how this product could be put into practice and what could possibly be improved. In addition to the feedback from the professionals, we will organize a co-creation session with elderly people who have an increased risk of falling. After all, you can only improve an innovation by talking to the end user, as nobody understands the care needs of an older people better than themselves!