Final Event SEAS2Grow @ AgeingFit!

SAVE THE DATE! 26th & 27th January

The Interreg project SEAS2Grow is coming to an end after four years of collaboration between the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherands. Within this period, we've managed to help accelerate over 30 start-ups with a promosing innovation int he Silvery Economy. Therefore, it is time to present our findings! 

SEAS2Grow Magazine Online

We're happy to announce that the SEAS2Grow magazine has been published both in English and Dutch! In this magazine, you can find a synopsis of the Silver Economy, and we highlight some of the most promising start ups in this area.

Could AI help us to detect preliminary dementia? Mechion aims for the solution!

Within the European project SEAS2Grow, we help entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, France, the UK and Belgium to improve and implement their health innovation for elderly care. Together with geriatric care providers from tanteLouise, we aimed to analyse the possibilities for the English company Mechion.

Consortium Meeting SEAS 2 Grow in Lille!

The SEAS 2 Grow project, funded by the European Interreg 2 Seas programme, is now coming to its end. On February 4th 2020, the project partners met up in Lille, France, to discuss how to leverage the value created over the last three and a half years and how to share more widely the knowledge and expertise that has been created.

English, enthusiastic entrepreneurs have tested their innovation with Smart Homes and tanteLouise!

Within the Europen project SEAS2Grow, we aim to help entrepreneurs from England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to improve their health innovation for the Silver Economy. This time, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs from the English company CUSHhealth visited tanteLouise in collaboration with Smart Homes to get feedback on their innovation for preventing falls with elderly. 

Webinar: Will Robots Care For Us?

Together with tanteLouise, pioneers in care robotics, Smart Homes explored the usefulness and desirability of automated caregiving.

Tech in the bedroom, an (un)welcome guest?

Smart Homes organises together with Dialogik a webinar about tech in the bedroom. 

Apply now for the AgeTech Accelerator!

Are you developing a product or service that could help older people to be happier, healthier or more connected? Would you like some free support to give it its best chance of success? Welcome! You are in the right place. 

New lay-out!

Since August 2018, Smart Homes has a fully new lay-out. 

It's the week of E-Health!

Smart Homes is involved in the development of E-Health on daily basis, and therefore actively participating in the week of the E-Health.

The SEAS 2 Grow Strategic Guide has been published!

The guide is a consolidation of all the research and market investigation that has been carried out on the project over the last two years, brought together in one easy to read guide.

Smart Homes promoting Active Advice and Palette @ AALFORUM18

Smart Homes promoting Active Advice and Palette @ AALFORUM18.
The two AAL Projecten  Active Advice and Palette were placed as stand at the AALFORUM18 in Bilbao. Palette even won the price for best stand according to the Biskan elderly panel - something to be proud of!

Find us in the Groene Amsterdammer!

The grow of home automation does not stay unnotices. Click here for an extensive interview (unfortunately in Dutch) with, amongst others, Ad van Berlo about the development of 'Smart Houses'. 

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